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National Human care Organization

National Human Care Organization is a not for profit organization and we at this NGO have been sincerely and tirelessly striving for social welfare with an explicit aim to providing comfort and dignity in every persons life, depending upon their personal needs. Not limiting ourselves to any one particular cause or issue, we had here to a policy of striving to effect betterment to the society at large through our grass root level initiatives.

Providing scope for self-employment to poor women, supporting poor childrens education, educating people about and ensuring environment conservation through new and renewable energy sources, creating awareness regarding proper health care and hygiene, providing medical relief and access to medical help, are some of our initiatives in both the rural as well as urban India. And while we work on these outlined areas, we also take up issues that come across us in our field work and research. We Our Principal Project Drinking Water awareness and services provide every family. Work in this field of social welfare has been underway for close to a decade now under the tireless efforts of Mr. S.L.Bala. Officially started in the year 2016 as National Human Care Org, we are currently operating out of centers in parts of the country, and wish to spread ourselves to wider and deeper reaches of the country. In our effort to better the people and thus the society at large, we also provide for a wide support base by inspiring people to come forward and join hands in these noble causes.

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Concern about Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the poor and deprived sections of the society by providing them the basic amenities like education, healthcare, food and shelter that equip individuals to become an equal partner in the progress of the nation, and by helping the sufferers of calamities to move towards a world free from hunger, ignorance, deprivation and exploitation.

We aim at the grassroots level with distinct preference for the depressed and the disadvantaged sections, enabling them to attain all that a common citizen cherishes.

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Hand-in-hand we go to serve the deserving. Through various community service projects and the support of our caring and generous donors, the National Human Care Org (NHC-Org) is engaged in helping people with little or no resources.

With the high spirit and dedication of its volunteers, NHC-Org strives to alleviate human sufferings and to help them achieve real improvement in the quality of their lives.

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The young & dynamic, Mr. S.L. Bala is a sterling example of entrepreneurial determination and self-belief being a rare combination of a magnificent mind with expertise accomplishments. During his Study he explored immensely in Social service with diligent determination to Himachal to become able to render the most efficient, competent & prospective Model for Indian people. He persisted for a dream Organization like no other on earth: an Organization that metamorphoses lives through its amazing products and ever growing business opportunities. He joined the Smile India Business Institute, to explore diverse academic pursuits. After a two year, he joined a Direct Selling Business. During the same time, he worked as a local affiliate for an NGO in Chennai convey a message that a person can do everything if he/she gets right training, education & accommodation.

Mr. S.L.Bala moved back to Himachal and started his business and later he started a Social Service business by the name “National Human Care Organization” with a strong vision of providing people with financial freedom & healthy life. A multi-faceted personality, Mr. S.L.Bala is a connoisseur, who take interest in different activities that enrich and enliven life.

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